Frequenty Asked Questions

Read the most frequently asked questions of our clients.

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Before you order

How much does the cleaning cost on Carrie's Cleaning?
Single cleaning starts from £26 per apartment. Detailed information about prices you can be found in our “book cleaning” page.
Can I order cleaning after the renovation?
Yes, we offer after renovation cleaning service. You can book also complex cleaning of your apartment/house with professional upholstery and carpets cleaning.
How do I pay for cleaning service?
You can pay online by using our PayPal payment option.
I ordered the service. What happens now?
After booking service on the website, you will receive a confirmation email with all the order details. We are going to provide all the cleaning equipment.
Can I change the date of my cleaning service?

You can change the date of the order during working hours of our customer service office (Mon – Fr: 8am – 4pm via phone or Mon – Sun: 8am – 8pm via mail) at least 24 hours in advance (before cleaning is to be held). If you want to contact our Office please call at 01772 364108 or send email:

Do I need to have the cleaning products?

No, we provide all the cleaning detergents.

Is cleaner trustworthy?
All the cleaners employed in our company had to go through a selection process before they could begin to perform services for our clients. We meet them in person and talk to all of our employees, we verify their qualifications and skills in cleaning.

During the cleaning process

Do I have to be at home while cleaning?
No, you do not need to be at home. Our company is designed to provide you comfort. It is required only to let a person who will be cleaning into the apartment, house or office.

After cleaning

Can I get an invoice?
Yes. Please contact our client service office. We will send you the invoice by email.
Can I order again the same person?
Yes. If you are really satisfied with the work of the person who visited you, please let us know and we will arrange regular visits of this person for you. However, if it is impossible, we will for sure find you someone with equally good qualifications.
What if I'm not satisfied from the cleaning?
Our cleaners are professionals. However we know that you might have sometimes some obstacles. We suggest to inform our cleaner straight away about anything that you don’t like. If at the end you are still not satisfy contact us. We will find the solution for your problem. According to the terms and contitions you have the rights to put in a compaint.

Happy Customers

“I have been through a number of cleaning services in my time in Preston. Cleaning small outlets and offices and couldn’t be happier with the service given by Carrie’s Cleaning and would happily use their service again.”

“Excellent service, nice people and best of all it was a really good price. I would be very happy to use Carrie’s Cleaning again.“